Thursday, November 25, 2010


Were do I even start? I just love sewing. I could sew all day. Except I've got an 11 month old daughter to look after! She ends up being the recipient of most of my sewing projects, I figure I should lavish her with homemade things while she's too young to object and request Dora the Explorer and the like.

My latest sewing craze - quilts. So I might show you some I've made in the next few days. Starting with this gem made from a kit by the lovely girls at Ink and Spindle:

It's totally different from any other quilts I've made but I just love the au naturel fabrics and screen printing.

I'm working on one for Claudia's first single bed (yep it could take me that long to finish it) using Heather Ross fabrics. Planning on hand quilting that one. But I'll show you my progress real soon, I am loving that quilt.

Forgot to mention - I also love eating and playing! hence the title...but more on that as the blog progresses.

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  1. Congratulations on starting your blog. Looking forward to seeing your projects here. By the way, love the quilt, the fabrics are beautiful.