Friday, July 8, 2011

Girl on a swing mini-quilt

At last at last, something to blog about!! Sorry about the huge gap in posts, I packed the sewing machine away for a while so I could focus on a few other long neglected jobs at home (such as cleaning out my daughter's wardrobe, selling some stuff on ebay, etc etc). But boy did I miss that machine, and it's now back where it belongs, in the middle of the dining table surrounded by sewing crap necessities.

A while back I bought a darning foot on ebay so I could try out a bit of free-motion sewing, well, turns out the ebay foot was dodgy so I bought a proper Janome one. So glad I did. This could possibly be my favourite item I've made ever (did that even make sense??):

It's something I've wanted to make for ages, using Aneela Hoey's briliant tutorial here. It was easier than I thought, and so much fun doing all that free motion stitching and embroidery, I think I'm breaking out of my "must be perfect" shell. The imperfections are what makes it so perfect.

Here's a close-up of my swinging girl:

Not sure what to do with it though, I don't think it's actually a quilt in the making, I might stick it in a white Ikea frame and find a spot on the wall somewhere.

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  1. This is just beautiful Cath! you have done an AMAZING job! Definitely get it framed!