Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fabric yo-yo's

Not starting another project only applies to quilts though, not other stuff!

Today I got together with my besties who also happen to sew (how good is that!) for our monthly sewing session (affectionately known as Janomeandyou...), we usually do the same project, today we jazzed up a singlet with a yo-yo and some sleeves for the bubbas, here's my effort.

I used a plain old Marquise singlet, the fabric is from the Moda Bliss collection. Pretty happy, can't wait to get it on Claudia. No doubt she'll try and pull the yo-yo off and eat it.


  1. Your version is soooo much better than the prototype. I love the doubled over sleeve and the ruffle x

  2. how did you do the sleeves?