Sunday, February 13, 2011


One of my favourite parts of quilting is the planning and calculating involved in a new project. But unfortunately I'm mathematically challenged and invariably get it wrong, luckily husband is gifted in that area and doesn't mind helping out. But the GREAT thing about quilting is that often the mistakes make the finished item even better!

So I've been dying to do a zigzag quilt for ages, but the thought of making gazillions of half square triangles was putting me off. So I thought I'd start with a cushion. Three actually. I totally miscalculated how many squares to cut (cut double the amount), then had about 20 half square triangles left over, then realised I'd miscalculated how big the finished squares would be so had to add a border......

Funnily enough, I absolutely love how it turned out! And I can't imagine it without that border. Most of the fabrics are Ruby Star Rising by Melody Miller, and a couple of Umbrella Prints thrown in.

One down, two more to go....


  1. Ooooh, I love this! I'm planning my little boy's room at the moment and I can definitely see a cushion like this featuring!

  2. AH-mazing!!! Projects like this just make me giddy. What great work!