Thursday, March 17, 2011

My first commission! A baby boy quilt.

Excited to have finished my first commission! It's a baby boy quilt for a friend to give to a friend. I really love it. It's a strip quilt inspired by Film in the Fridge. I think I've definitely got a few more strip quilts in me, really quick to make and so effective. I did simple straight line quilting about 1/4 inch from each seam. The fabrics are a mix from the stash.

Oh yeah and I made another sneaky card for my sister for her birthday. Loving the balloons (over the bunting....)


  1. Hi catherine came across yr blog a while ago. Love your quilts. I'm also in adelaide and started quilting last year. Have managed to make five quilts since as I got a bit addicted. I've got my first commission quilt to do but we haven't talked about price. I was wondering how you went about it.
    Thanks deb

  2. hi Deb, thanks for your comments! quilting is so addictive isn't it. I made this quilt for a friend (to give to a friend) and honestly made NO money! I think I just covered my costs (I charged her $70). It is so hard to work out a fair price (particularly if you take into account your time). As I'm not making quilts to make money then I'd roughly work out your costs, round up a bit and start with that. Let me know how you go! I find this really really difficult as well, particularly when you're making quilts for friends.