Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally, a non-quilty project!

I've been so obsessed with quilting lately I've completely neglected my other sewing love - making small clothes for my small girl. I've been looking for some kind of vest thing for these cooler autumn days, couldn't find anything that wasn't ugly in the shops, but came across this pattern on Etsy. Had a few small issues with the pattern but really happy with the result:

Cute cute cute! Took it on a trip to the playground this afternoon and it performed well! I'll definitely make another one, maybe in the next size up (pattern is on the small side). Gorgeous printed corduroy is from Spotlight, I used cream flannelette for the lining. I might use polar fleece for the next lining to make it a bit warmer for winter.

I haven't been completely idle when it comes to quilting either, but I need husband to help with the photo taking for this one (too big for my usual pool fence technique). Hopefully will post some photos tomorrow! I know I always say this but I think it's my most favourite quilt ever.....

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