Sunday, May 1, 2011

My first log cabin!

I've been contemplating the log cabin block for some time now, admired them from afar but couldn't fathom how to put one together. I even bought an entire book on the subject (see last post).

Well I finally did it. With a bit of encouragement from my friend Caity over at Thomhaus (who stayed with us over Easter and whipped up a few awesome log cabins of her own) I finally tackled it. It was SO easy!! and I'm hooked. Such a great way of using up scraps, I did it 'freestyle', no measuring which was liberating, usually I'm a stickler for symmetry. Here's the result, a dolls quilt for Claudia:

The centre is a duck from the Lizzy House Red Letter Day line. I hand quilted following the squares. Backed with a pink spotty flannel:

And here it is in action! The dollies look pretty happy with it.

Cute huh. Definitely more where that came from, now I want to make an entire scrappy log cabin quilt! Just add that to the list....

1 comment:

  1. Looks perfect!! Love the colours - it's just amazing how useful scraps are! The dolls will enjoy their quilt as the weather gets cooler too. I better get my log cabin bits done.....