Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pimp my bedroom chair (and a wonky log cabin)

I've never been happy with Claudia's bedroom chair. I bought it from Ikea before she was born, and I admit, it was a really great comfy feeding chair for all those late night feeds. But it never looked that flash. It's the Ektorp from Ikea, looks like this. Boring huh! Mine had a denim fabric cover, not terrible, but not great either.

Luckily I discovered a great website called Knesting, they do fabric covers for common Ikea chairs and sofas in various fabrics, and they have a yellow chevron, my current pattern obsession combined with my current colour obsession - perfect. They're good value and fit like a dream.

I also whipped up a couple of cushions, one I made a while ago using a couple of scrap packs from Umbrella Prints (if you haven't checked out their gorgeous range of hand screen printed fabrics, do yourself a favour, they are beautiful, and made in Adelaide!). The other is an Echino print I've had stashed for a while now. Here's the result:

I wish I'd taken a before photo.

Also made a start on a wedding quilt for my cousin, my sister and I are making it together. We've decided on a wonky log cabin block, we're making 15 blocks each.

9 down, 6 to go....


  1. Love the chair Cath - inspires me to finally get mine done....

    The Log cabins are beautiful too - colours as so calming!

  2. That chair cover is divine! Makes me wish I had IKEA furniture!

    Love love love the colours of that wedding quilt - lookng forward to seeing it finished