Sunday, October 30, 2011

Free motion appliqué

I had a bit of a break from quilting this weekend (apart from a couple more rows on my cross quilt, only 6 to go, although now I'm thinking about making it big enough for our bed, which is king size, but I need more fabric. Anyway I digress). We had a 4th birthday party today (and I try and make sewn cards for birthdays if I can, fun and cheap), and I've also had a couple of t-shirts sitting around (Target) that I've been meaning to appliqué for Claudia for WEEKS. So on went the darning foot, out came the scrap bin and here's the results:

the birthday card

the t-shirts


dala horses

I really love doing appliqué free-motion style with the darning foot, I love the sketchy freehand look that it gives. I went around my shapes three times. Can't wait to get these on my girl.

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