Wednesday, October 19, 2011

City Weekend Swirly Pop (more pinwheel love)

Waaaay back at the beginning of May I started on this quilt using Cluck Cluck Sew's Swirly Pop pattern (yet more gorgeous pinwheels) and my long ago purchased City Weekend charm packs.

Inspired by this quilt by Red Pepper Quilts I wanted to try using a different base colour than my usual white, so I used a light grey, it definitely makes the colours pop. But this has been one of those quilts that I've alternatively loved and hated depending on what stage it's at (funny how that happens!). Luckily now that it's finished, I really love it. It's a bit more complex than my usual, and I do lose interest fast when my pile of blocks doesn't seem to be growing quickly enough but I persevered (not that it's a difficult pattern, it definitely isn't!).

I have to admit that I had a bit of an issue (actually a BIG issue) with the outer border, I initially used one of the pink prints as a more solid border and it just looked really ordinary (husband said it looked good, but I'm pretty sure he was just saying that for an easy life!), I ended up unpicking it (after I'd quilted the quilt, wouldn't recommend doing that if you can help it!), ordering two more charm packs and going with the mixed border like the RPQ's one. It added a couple more months to the project (but what's a couple more when it's taken 6 months right?) SOOOOO much better!!! it really makes the quilt I think.

The finished quilt is approx. 60in x 68in and used 4 charm packs of City Weekend (2 for the quilt and about 1.5 packs for the border), plus a solid light grey (I just used one from the local fabric shop).


  1. I totally agree. The border makes that quilt. So pretty. Who's getting this one????

  2. I'm not sure Col, right now the cat is sleeping on it!